My New Year Fashion Resolutions


Every year I tell myself to be braver with the clothes I wear, and every year, numerous times, I put on an outfit and I chicken out because it’s too bright/too ‘boyish’/too out there. I’d like to stop doing that once and for all this year.

My first new year’s fashion resolution is to not be afraid of looking less ‘feminine’ with my fashion choices, and I think this is something every girl can relate to. Yes, those boyfriend jeans are amazing, no they don’t really accentuate or compliment my figure in any way, especially with that baggy sweater. But do I love them? Yes. Do they look cool (in my opinion)? Yes. So just go for it, Georgie. The same goes for hats. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve put on a slouchy beanie or a cap and said to myself, no, it looks ‘too much’ or ‘I can’t pull it off’. If you tell yourself you can’t pull something off, then you won’t pull it off. Confidence, as always, is key.

photo by Mae

I’d like to start rediscovering old clothes this year. There’s many a jumper or t-shirt screwed up at the bottom of my wardrobe, waiting to be worn, that hasn’t had a day out in two years (but for some reason is always still packed and brought to Uni). I, for one, have no problem with wearing clothes that are years out of season, I am a student after all. Sometimes I pull out an item and think to myself ‘I have no idea how to wear this anymore’. I think I need to spend an evening with myself, pulling out old clothes and rediscovering how to style them. If you pull out an item every so often and discard it every single time, maybe it’s time to think about donating it to charity? That is another thing we should all start doing in 2014. Donating our old, unwanted clothes to someone who needs them more than we do.

It isn’t often that I wear bright colours, or really, much colour of any kind. I would definitely say I am an advocate of the black, white and grey colour scheme (or lack thereof). I am also partial to a maroon or a blue. The fact is, I don’t wear very much colour and there’s no point telling myself I should if I’m clearly not comfortable. However, that isn’t to say that there’s not room for even the slightest colour in my wardrobe, and therefore my final resolution is to introduce some pastel shades into my life. A pale pink, here, a light blue there. Garish isn’t exactly my thing, but introducing some pale options into my wardrobe will give my outfits a colour boost that I’m comfortable with, without going too beyond or different from my usual taste.

There are my 2014 new year’s fashion resolutions, have you got yours?

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