LUSU Elections confusion


LUSU have today sent out an email asking students to re-vote for certain Liberation positions. In an online statement, LUSU said that “we are re-running the Liberation positions to be more clear with our policy that only voters who self-define as in those liberation areas should vote in them”.

The positions affected are:

  • Cross Campus Officer: Women’s Liberation
  • Cross Campus Officer: Students with disabilities
  • Cross Campus Officer: LGBTQ*
  • Cross Campus Officer: Mature Student
  • Cross Campus Officer: Ethnic Minorities

Despite voting opening on Wednesday, Week 8 at 10AM, students who have already voted for candidates in these positions will have to vote again. All students have, according to LUSU, been re-issued with a new voter code.

However, it does not appear that the voting window for these positions will be extended beyond the initial cut-off time (Friday, 4PM). LUSU have explicitly stated that these particular votes “will need to be resubmitted”. Therefore, students running for these positions will have a narrower window to gather votes, potentially raising questions about the fairness of the elections.

It has also been highlighted that it is highly irregular for LUSU to make such a change to an election whilst voting is live.

Speaking to SCAN, CCO Media and Communications Ben Kay said that “it was discussed at Council prior to elections, and it was passed with a majority that only people who self-define in those particular Liberation groups should be able to vote for Liberation positions specific to their Liberation group or groups. It was brought to Council by Anna Lee, VP (Welfare and Community) with the understanding that it would be enforced for these elections”.

Ollie Orton

SCAN Editor 2015-2016

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