Application time!

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Friends! It’s that overwhelming time of the year again, where we spend countless hours after class writing up our cover letters, CV’s and company application forms in the hope of securing our highly anticipated graduate job, internship or spring week programs for the coming year.

Most students at university prefer to study degrees that are classified as interesting, have prior knowledge about or are simply in love with the learning aspect of the degree (nerds!). However, a lot of students are also concerned with the career and salary prospects their degree will offer them once they are in the hunt for full-time jobs.

With the search for graduate jobs, internships and spring insight weeks (more on this later) right around the corner, SCAN Business has provided insight to the best job sectors, salaries and companies around the U.K., to aid our fellow students in taking the next step to securing work for the coming year based on pay and career prospects.

The following table provides average starting salaries for 2014/2015 across a range of business sectors university students tend to indulge in.


Relative to the job sectors given above, below is a table providing details on the Top 20 employers in the UK based on number of positions, job satisfaction and growth prospects.

As for those of you who have been blessed with being in your first or second year, rest assured that the world is your oyster! Whilst the ultimate dream of having a job that pays you actual money may seem a distant prospect, you can still do a bit now. A lot of people don’t think about this early, but Insight Days, Spring Weeks and Internships are important so read about them and apply for them. Insight Days do exactly what they say on the tin; but they aren’t easy to go onto. Typically, they will involve heading to a city, listening to presentations and a free lunch (economics students – that one was for you). If you have your eye on a specific company, getting onto their Insight Day will help you further down the line. Spring Weeks fulfil the same purpose, except as the name suggests they last for five glorious days. Look them up, especially if you’re looking at larger financial institutions and corporations.


Although this might be a stressful and competitive time for everyone in the look out for job opportunities, make sure you follow what you love and seek the right assistance to maximise your exposure to job sectors and industries out there.
Furthermore, you can seek help through appointment from the welcoming careers department at LUMS in regarding to CV’s, Cover Letters and Application forms or visit the Base for assistance with mock-interviews and other support.

Most importantly, do not forget! If all else fails and you feel that university is not for you, there are still very rewarding jobs on offer for those without an official university degree. The table below shows the impressive career paths you can take without a degree and what you might be paid for it, as long as you have the necessary competencies to succeed within this field.

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