Should you stay or should you go?


To live on campus, or not to live on campus? That is the question for many students going into the second year and beyond at Lancaster University. So which is the right decision? Is it better to stay on campus with the luxury of having everything so close by, or to venture out into the big wide world of Lancaster? One of the big attractions of Lancaster for many students is that it is a campus university. However, living in rented accommodation in town is brilliant for boosting independence and preparing students for the scary world outside of university.

A major factor to consider is what is easily accessible to students living both on and off campus: It is quite possible to fall out of bed ten minutes before a lecture on-campus and still make it on time; an impressive feat, and pretty impossible for an off-campus student to achieve. Not only that, but should you feel the sudden urge to rush to the library or learning zone to finish a forgotten essay, it is possible to be there in a matter of minutes. For a student living in town, this means trekking all the way to the university and back home again once your day of lectures and seminars has finished. However, perhaps having home so close is not the best idea as it is so easy on campus to wander back home after a lecture and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. For an off campus student, where going home is often out of the question due to an inconveniently placed second lecture, there is little choice but to sit in the learning zone and catch up on work (ok, or have a drink in a campus bar, but at least you’re getting out there).

On the other hand, let’s think about the other side to university life. A night out can be tainted by the expense of transport to the club and back again. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have to worry about money to get in to club and have a drink or two? Well that’s what living in town can offer a student, as pretty much everywhere is within walking distance, even in those killer heels. For shopping as well, living off-campus means not having to lug those heavy bags onto a crowded bus with each bump and hill threatening to tip the contents everywhere. Finally, having a communal living room can bring housemates together in a way not always possible in the campus accommodation, where communal areas are generally only the kitchen and toilets.

So, is it better to live on or off campus? As with many of these questions the answer simply is, it depends. If you love the freedom of living without porters and want to go clubbing without having to worry about taxis back, then town is quite probably the right choice for you. If you enjoy living away from home, but  want the security and facilities that campus can offer, well then you have your answer. It is sufficient to say that whichever route you choose to take, you will have a brilliant time living out your own personal student experience.

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