The tell tale signs that you’ve found yourself a friend for life


So unless you’re a hermit, you’ve most likely met many people at uni. But in particular, there are always a bunch of students who you know you’ll be friends with for life. Here are a few signs of a friendship that’s worth keeping forever.

Your close friends don’t ditch you on a night out, despite the fact that you’ve thrown up all over town. Even in your almost-passing-out stage, your friends still haven’t left you, and rather than merely phoning for a taxi, have actually decided to come home with you for the night to make sure that you’ll survive. We’d all like to think that all uni students would do this, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In my advice, the ones that would choose to sacrifice their night out in order to ensure that you’re in good shape are the ones worth keeping, (although this doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of this and recklessly drink every time you’re out – easier said than done, I know, but nobody likes a weekly party pooper).

You’ve had a break up with the guy you hoped you’d be with forever, and your close friends have devoted much of their time to you. It’s comforting to know that you have friends who are so amazing that they’d spend a large amount of their time trying to help you heal. It’s so easy for people to say that they’re here for you when they’re not, but when you come across people who are genuinely concerned about you, and can’t help but walk into your room when you’re upset about your ex, (even if you told them not to, secretly in the hope that they would anyway), you know that they’re in it for the long run. Make sure that you return the favour, too. A friend who puts in this much effort deserves the same amount of effort from you.

Your close friends always invite you out, whether it’s to the cinema, a restaurant, or even just an invite to stay in together with a Chinese takeaway and a film. From experience, I’ve learnt that if it’s always you making the plans, then your allegedly close friend clearly isn’t as close as you’d hoped. It doesn’t matter how many times you invite them out – if they’re not as keen as you, then they won’t always invite you. Of course you shouldn’t expect your close friends to invite you to everything, and tagging along often insinuates that you’re desperate, (for instance, it’d be pretty weird if you invited yourself to your friend’s house when you know she’s got her boyfriend round – a couple smooch sesh while you’re sat next to them loudly munching your popcorn and watching Bridget Jones isn’t subtle, or even remotely appealing).

You try on a dress which makes you look like you have thunder thighs, and your friend speaks the truth and kindly tells you that a different outfit would be more flattering. We all know those girls who will tell their girlfriends that they look gorgeous, even when it’s quite clear that they couldn’t have picked a worse outfit. It’s not worth it if your friends can’t be honest with you.So there you have it – a selective pick of the tell tale signs of a valuable friendship. Friends who mop up your sick, friends who give you endless tissues whilst you sob uncontrollably, friends who never fail to invite you, and friends who tell you the truth about your outfit to save embarrassment later.

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