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As the store at the helm of the high street hierarchy, Topshop boasts not only that cool-girl chic that everyone aims for, but also an array of models that have promoted them over the years. From Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, Topshop couldn’t be more current. And now it has chosen the super sweet, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Karlie Kloss.

Topshop states Karlie to be four things: model, entrepreneur, coder and vlogger. In terms of vlogging, Karlie has a YouTube following of 403,959 people on her channel, Klossy. Her videos are funny and watchable, receiving at least 300,000 views and an average of 200 comments per video.

“Be More Karlie in 2016” seems to be the tagline attached to Kloss’s Topshop campaign, which features leather biker jackets, plenty of stripes and mom jeans. If this is Karlie’s true style, it’s one to like, enjoy and buy into. It’s effortlessly chic in a way that stops you from looking frumpy, making you ooze a relaxed vibe of nonchalance.

Photo courtesy of Elle Magazine,
Photo courtesy of Elle Magazine,

Want 10 ways to be more like Karlie? Check out Topshop’s website. But here are two or three that I rather like:

1). Be Empowered: “I’m so inspired by the powerful women that I get to interact with. So many of the great p eople in the fashion industry are women, and I grew up in a house of women who are so unique and independent thinking.”

2. Be Grounded: “I’m so close to my three sisters. When we’re all back home in St Louis it’s just loud – lots of food, lots of laughing, lots of cooking.”

3. Be Topshop: “One of my first modelling jobs was my Topshop campaign eight years ago. My grandmother brought me over from St Louis. I was young and shy and super nervous to be on set of Topshop. Luckily I was shooting with Jourdan Dunn and we became overnight best friends. I think she had me in stiches the whole time we were shooting.”

By launching these stars in their campaign ads, particularly a peak model like Karlie, Topshop reinforces their claim on the fashion world, showing their connections to the biggest celebrities and models across the globe. The former “Topshop” girls have been the elite – Kate Moss for one, then Kendall and Kylie Jenner, followed by Gigi Hadid. And we can’t forget Cara Delevingne, the highlight of all of the Topshop campaigns. Topshop just seem to pin down all of the it-girls.

Topshop is not only promoted by these girls but it promotes them, earning them an even bigger, stronger fanbase. Topshop girls are attracted to the likes of Karlie Kloss because of her fame, her looks; she’s an inspiration. She’s clever and quirky and has always promoted that being you is okay.

Let’s see who Topshop launch as their next campaign girl…

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