Underwater hockey wash-out


Also known as Octopush, this underwater sporting sensation is quite something to witness. Although I must admit that I wish we had some sort of aquarium-type viewing to see more of the action, it was interesting to watch such a niche sport go ahead at Roses. Surprisingly, this sport was founded way back in the 1950s but has only recently been introduced to the tournament. As the gong start-of-play signal was heard, the Lancaster Stingrays dove straight down at the deep end in an attempt to ensure the hockey puck was launched into York’s goal. As York began to dominate the game, Stingrays President, Nicola Cook, did a great save as York were leading 5 – 0 causing the crowd to cheer. York stole the limelight again after another four points were gained in a short space of time making the score 9 – 0 to York. Within the last few minutes of the game, the Stingrays managed to score making the final score 9 – 1 to York.

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