Frustration in women’s 2nd indoor hockey


On Friday afternoon, the women’s hockey team assembled in the Sports Centre ready to take on York. With great support from both teams, and the Men’s team competing just minutes before, the atmosphere was feeling pretty intense. Sitting with the crowd waiting for the game to begin, I was reminded of how much the Hockey fixtures were anticipated at Roses. At the beginning of the game, both goalies managed to stop some greats goal attempts from their opponents. Just before half-time it appeared as though it was Lancaster’s time to shine, after some ping-pong-esque hockey when a short corner, or a penalty, was called against York. Unfortunately, Lancaster were unsuccessful.

When the players returned to the pitch after half-time, a short corner against Lancaster soon occurred, resulting in York scoring. The game then reached its climax after a short corner against Lancaster was called, resulting in another goal from York. However, Lancaster players questioned the goal and it was disallowed by the referee. After many goal attempts from both sides, Lancaster’s Player 4, Grace Finney, took a great shot against York but the goalie managed to save it. After a fast-paced and entertaining match, the final result was 1 – 0 to York.

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