Ultimate disappointment after Frisbee time lapse

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It was a tight match for both games in the indoor Frisbee with Lancaster scoring the first point of the men’s game. York attempted a comeback getting their first point but Lancaster weren’t having any of it as Greer brought the score to 2-1. Before long the Frisbee was out the door of the sports hall.

Clearly York weren’t impressed at being behind as they brought it back to a tie. A hair raising performance as each team crept forward by one point at a time before it was level ground again. Tension was rising; nearly full time and it was 7-7. York supporters were getting anxious as they started calling for ‘hand ball’ but I feel like they may have been clutching at straws here in a game of Frisbee.

Controversy broke out right at the end as Lancaster scored a final point putting them back out in front to finish, but apparently without either team keeping a close enough eye on the time. After much discussion it was decided that the point was in fact scored after full time and the teams settled for a draw.

The women’s match was equally close with Lancaster starting well taking the first 2 points before York brought it up to 2-1. This was the beginning of the comeback trail for York as, after a tense game all the way through with the lead being equally shared by both teams, York pulled it out of the bag right at the end winning by just one point. After Lancaster stepped down in the controversial discussions of the men’s game and York still didn’t bag a win, it seems they redeemed themselves in the women’s game. A night full of suspense with York just taking the victory in the end.

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