Two losses and a draw in hockey

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Jodie Brumhead

Mens 2nds

After Lancaster suffering a 12-0 defeat last year, the hunger for retribution was clear to see as the game started. However, York still managed to score to take an early lead just a few minutes into the game, before an injury to a York player paused play. With some wise words from Captain James Bushby during the stoppage, when the game re-started Lancaster piled on the pressure with some clever attacking play. However after failing to convert their chances, York turned over the play and a quick attack led to their second goal of the game. The rain started to pour before half time, but with no dampening of spirit for the players or spectators. Poor tackling from the York side led to short corners and a yellow card for York, giving Lancaster opportunities to score, but none of these were converted into the goals that could have turned the game around.

The second half continued in the same vein, with Lancaster looking the better team but being unable to convert the chances. A last minute goal to York, left the Lancaster team defeated but proud of their performance. The final score was 3-0 to York.


Women’s 3rds

The sun came out as the women’s 3rds stepped onto the pitch. Goalie Alice Norman made a stormer of a save, defying York an early goal. The standard of play was high from both teams but neither were able to get into the D to make chances on goal. York slipped in a cheeky goal before half time after a very equal first half.

All the excitement was saved for the second half as Chloe Hodgkinson equalised with the first goal of the day for Lancaster. With the score at 1-1, York began to panic and foul leading to multiple short corners for the Lancaster side. While these were not converted, a York foot on the goal line meant a penalty flick was awarded to Lancaster. The crowd were locked in suspense as Katie Scully-White steps up to take the flick. A hard fast ball in the corner of the goal made it 2-1 to Lancaster. With excitement building and not long left to play York were awarded a penalty flick. Bad placement by York left an easy shot for the goalie to save. A dubious equalising goal from York, before the final few tense minutes of the game were played out, left the final score line at a 2-2 draw.

Women’s 2nds

The game started with an unlucky early goal to York. Good play from both sides but Lancaster unable to deal with the early pressure applied by York quickly led to York taking a 2-0 lead. Chairwoman, Grace Finney, stepped up the passion and speed of play leading to some chances for Lancaster they were unable to convert. A goal for York before half time made it 3-0; the girls really needing to turn the game around. Unfortunately the second half continued in the same pattern, Vice Captain Natasha Blumfield, got her stick to fourth goal but was unable to stop it going in. A final goal from York as the game played out left the score at 5-0 to York.

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