Editorial Applications 16/17

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*EDIT* Applications for Comment Editor and Music Editor have been extended until midnight Sunday 3rd July. 

Applicants wishing to apply for a position should send a personal statement to l.wilkinson@lancaster.ac.uk in which they should highlight their experience, suitability and vision for the role they are applying for.

Alongside the personal statement, two pieces of writing should be submitted. These do not need to be pieces that have been published in SCAN: they can be pieces of coursework, samples from essays, fictional stories or other pieces of the applicant’s writing. One of these pieces should be what the applicant considers their best piece of writing and the other their worst, this is to determine whether the candidate has the ability to self-criticise and self-edit.

Deadline for all applications is 6pm, Thursday June 16th. Please also include a daytime phone number. Short informal interviews may take place the following week – if you are you are not at all available during this period then please indicate in your application.

The available positions are as follows (click on the positions for more information on the role and what is required):

Carolynne Editor

Associate Editor

Spine Editor

Head(s) of Marketing

Business Editor

Online Editor

Head of Web Development

Head of Photography

News Editor

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Music Editor

Fashion Editor

Features Editor

Lifestyle Editor

Sports Editor

Comment Editor

Production Editor

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