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If you’re anything like me, then you may be looking at your bank balance (even at the start of the year) and thinking, there’s no way I’m going to be able to dress “nice” this year. I’m constantly flicking through magazines like “ooh I want that”, “ooh isn’t that pretty”. I do the same in the store. And then I quickly realise spending my money on new clothes really isn’t going to help me in terms of food nor degree.

Regardless, Michaelmas term has begun and I thought I would put together a weather-appropriate style guide for us Lancaster students. Now as we all may know, the town of Lancaster is not a style haven. The shops are pretty basic, and the weather plays a massive part in what we decide to wear. But nevertheless, I would go far as saying that we dress pretty well on campus (although there’s a constant desire to turn up to lectures in leggings and a hoodie); and that it is in fact us students who inject a little glamour into the city. Here’s a guide to no-nonsense, slightly basic but chic dressing for university.


It may seem ridiculous to even mention jeans as they are a wardrobe staple for everyone. But particularly in Lancaster, a pair of jeans will keep you warm in lectures and out and about in town. Choose a style and colour that suits you and your wardrobe best. Black jeans go with everything, and can be dressed up and down. They’re particularly helpful if you’re one of those people who can never decide what to wear in a morning or if you need something quick for a night out. Fool-proof, classic fashion.


You really are going to want to layer up as every so often we seem to get these arctic-like winds sweeping across campus. I would make jumpers yet another of your wardrobe staples, and they’re particularly good if you’re saving on heating bills (second years, hello). Topshop online have a couple of cosy knits that are worth the investment.


If you’re a fresher, you’ll quickly learn that here in Lancaster we brave the cold every time we go on a night out. Realistically, it’s the only thing you can do. Pretty much anything goes on a night out, so I would never fret too much about what to wear. Also, if you’re one for heels then go for it, but remember to watch the puddles and cobbles in town, particularly around Sugarhouse!


Even as a northerner (i.e. used to constant drizzle), I quickly learned I’d need a coat that would tick three boxes: a hood, warmth, and (the most important in Lancaster) waterproof. I got mine last Christmastime from Marks & Spencer, but high street shops like Topshop and New Look will sell them too. A trench coat is also a good option as they double up as a smart coat for an interview, and look stylish no matter what!

I hope this style guide and its tips help you this year! Don’t worry my dear freshers, you’ll soon enough get used to the dreary weather… Luckily we do have the odd sunny spells and cherish these as much as possible! Enjoy your first term of the year in style.

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