What To Wear On A Night Out

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Jeans and a nice top obviously…

Coming from a home town where dressing to the nines was the norm (I’m talking 6 inch heels, dresses, playsuits, clutch bags), I found the laid back dressing of Lancaster a bit difficult to start with. What do you do with a wardrobe that only looks good with heels? I adapted slowly and I do still sometimes get seriously dressed up, but I’m much better at the classic uni jeans and a nice top combination these days.


Topshop is always the firm favourite with me, and I’ve recently made the move from Leigh to Joni. However, we all know Topshop can be a nightmare for ripping easily and fading colours, and at £40 a pop they can be a huge dint to a student budget.

For good alternatives, pop to New Look or look online at ASOS. New Look do a high-waisted jean for £20, half of what they sell for in Topshop!


What does this mean exactly?! Well, whatever you want it to mean. Firm favourites include crop-tops and bodies, but this season it’s all about bell sleeves, gingham print and off-the-shoulder cuts. There is a never ending supply of ‘tops’ in all shapes, sizes and colours out there these days, and when Lancaster town lets you down, which let’s be frank is quite often, you can shop online at Missguided, Boohoo, Missy Empire… They start to sound all the same after a while but they have all the latest fashions!


The classic shoe choices are converse or other types of casual trainers. However, I like my white(ish) converse, and they always seem to get ruined on the sticky floors of Lancaster clubs. I now opt for a black heeled sandal, which can be cleaned with a little wipe down, but are fancy enough to look like I’ve put a bit of effort in…smart idea, right? Other low key options include ankle boots or black tennis shoes. When it comes to Lancaster, a dedicated pair of sugar shoes is key! I found my Sugar shoes on Depop (well, my friend found them on Depop and I nicked them), but Primark is always a good option for cheap, ok-to-get-mucky footwear.


Us girls need something to carry round our phones, makeup and keys as there is a limited supply of pockets in female clothing – boys have it easy! I used to love a clutch, but when you’re dancing to Old’s Cool, a clutch isn’t too practical. Again, I adore Primark, New Look or online for cheap bags. I tend to avoid taking out more expensive bags, because they do not mix well with smashed makeup or spilled drinks!


So, what to wear on a Lancaster night out? It’s dark, and sticky, and messy. So really, anything you want – unless it constitutes indecent exposure… Be practical, and comfortable and you’re onto a winner of an outfit, and a night out. See you in Sugar!

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