The Carter Shield Returns

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On Sunday 27th November, Lancaster University’s annual Carter Shield returned for its 2016 installment. The idea of the tournament is for colleges to play alternative sports, which don’t really get appreciated, against each other in a friendly environment, with the winning college at the end of the year receiving the Shield. This weekend, the Shield returned with a sport famous it’s 5 D’s: dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge. That’s dodgeball for those who haven’t worked it out.

As it was the first of the year, this installment was organised by LUSU. The Carter Shield usually runs on alternative weekends throughout Terms 1 and 2, however this time VP (Activities) Jack Walker stated that they waited until week 7 to give as many people as much notice as possible, so as many people as possible could turn up. They weren’t disappointed either, as each college had a great turnout, leading to over 100 people turning up, with Grizedale College bringing about 30 people alone!

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Grad College, who failed to appear at the event.

VP (Activities) Jack Walker was delighted with the turnout, stating that it’s great to see so many people getting involved in what is a really fun event.

The event was split into 2 groups of 4, (should have been one group of 5 but grad were a no-show), in a mini-league, with the top team from each group earning 5 points for the overall Carter Shield tally. The top two colleges play each in a play-off for first and second place, and then the bottom two play-off for third and fourth, as the position changes the amount of points each college gets for the overall Shield.

To keep the Carter Shield accessible and to all, there was a minimum requirement of two girls per team, which reflects the inclusive and friendly nature of the event.

It’s difficult to write about a game of dodgeball without just saying that people dodged balls, however there were plenty of tactics on show, with some rolling a ball to the other team, and when they went to pick the ball they received a plethora of dodgeballs aimed in their face. Some took no mercy, others were unfortunately caught, and one Furnessian failed to dodge the ball, and received in it square in the face. It was, however, all done in good spirit, with handshakes shared at the end of each match, reflecting the friendly nature of the event.

The first group of four included Cartmel, Pendle, Grizedale and Furness, and each college played against each in a round-robin style tournament, until everyone has squared off against each other, leading to a Cartmel vs Furness play-off, in which Cartmel were victorious.

The first 5 points of Carter Shield 2016/17 were awarded to Cartmel College.

And in the second group of four, it was a clean sweep for South West Campus, as fellow Alexandra Parkians Lonsdale claimed the 5 points, beating Fylde in the play-off. In the overall standing, Lonsdale and Cartmel lead the way.

And as for both groups third and fourth place play-off, Bowland beat County in group two and Pendle beat Grizedale in group one, meaning that despite bringing everyman and their dog the event, Grizedale college finished bottom of their group. This didn’t break their spirits though, as Grizedale VP Social and Events Avril Wyke stated “We’d rather get everyone on the pitch than win.”

And that is what Carter Shield is all about, bringing people together, including the whole college and generally having fun.

If you played at this one and can’t wait for the next, or if you didn’t play at this one and can’t wait for the next, then unfortunately you have to wait until after the Christmas. The good news is that there will be plenty more Carter Shield action next term, with the events going back to being alternate weekends. The next Carter may not be organised by LUSU, rather by the newly elected JCR Sport Presidents. Both the organisation, and the actual sport to play will be decided by the reps.

Finally, there is rumours of the overall winning college not only receiving the coveted shield, but playing at Roses in a LUSU selected sport. Again, purely for fun.

An honourable mention must go to LU Dodge, the dodgeball society, for helping organise and referee the event.

Roll on the next installment.

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