Women’s March takes Dalton Square

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On Saturday Week 2, peaceful protests swept the globe to take a stand against the hateful politics of the Trump administration. The worldwide movement grew out of the collaborative Women’s March on Washington, with more than 200 marches against misogyny and intersectional issues of race, religion, and LGBTQ+, amongst other things, taking place in the United States alone. To show solidarity with the larger number of Americans who voted against Trump and those unable to vote, and to make a clear statement to the world that women’s rights are indeed human rights, similar marches were held on all seven continents, including Lancaster.

At least five hundred people congregated on Dalton Square with banners such as “tell Trump and co we say no (means no)” for a peaceful yet determined celebration of diversity. From young teenage girls to elderly women, all from a range of ethnic and religious backgrounds, and various sexualities and gender identities, made strong feminist statements through impassioned speeches, poetry, songs, and most importantly, complete acceptance.

LUSU’s Women+ Officer Alex Brock was in attendance along with other students and university staff, and she commented, “my favourite part was seeing so many people grouped together with a common cause. There were multiple generations there and it just created such a positive atmosphere.” She spoke about how much having a march in Lancaster meant to her, particularly as an American. “Seeing marches across the world was so powerful. Solidarity with movements, both women’s and others like Black Lives Matter, is important to support change both in America and abroad.”

For those that were unable to attend the march or prefer other methods of support and activism, there will be other upcoming feminist activities both on campus and in the city. “The next big community event is Reclaim the Night, which is February 25th, which I’m really hoping will connect the feminist community on campus with, what we saw on Saturday, is a thriving feminist community in the city. In addition, we are working on International Women’s Day planning for March 8th, which we hope will bring in the community as well.

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