I know a lot of people have faced criticism in their daily lives, be it from their family, friends, partner or even people with authority such as tutors and maybe even employers. Ever heard people saying that you take everything seriously, or that you’re overreacting towards a situation? Yup, if that’s the case, then I think it’s fair that I explain myself.

You see, the problem is that no one is closed to criticism, because no one can escape it, firstly, but secondly, criticism takes many forms and that’s where the problem comes from. There are the constructive criticisms that are meant to provide a platform for the other person to improve and then there is the destructive criticism which serves its purpose to hurt or to demotivate someone. Oh, but there’s also the slurs which I wouldn’t necessarily classify as criticism but is projected by using sarcasm to make someone aware of a feeling of displeasure that someone might feel towards you.

Whatever it is, it is unacceptable to be rude to someone, not only on the basis of being a human, but also because as a human, you need to respect yourself to not be a terrible person towards another. “What? You’re saying that they don’t have a respect themselves, you’re joking right, they’ve just disrespected me!”. If these are your thoughts, then I wish to address this, a person is cruel towards another person and most of the time towards people that they have a power over because they’re miserable, they are incapable of respecting themselves and they’re reflecting their dissatisfaction.

Hence, from a critical viewpoint, we should accept any type of criticism or bad behaviour, right? Because it helps us learn about the other person and lets us see things from a different perspective? No, it’s not enough. In any way, someone should never put up with bad behaviour and if someone or you have a problem, you have to respect yourself enough to treat someone how you would treat someone else. The fact is that many people have different principles and standards because of how they were raised and in many a case, the reason why people disrespect is because that’s what they are used to. Maybe you do get the odd occasion where there are parents who are loving and their children may be a completely horrible person, well then it’s down to the superiority complex or “spoilt child syndrome”. Oh, this is getting too tough. If you’re thinking this, take a step back and reflect.

Why a person is a certain way is because of their background and sure you don’t have the time to give other people excuses or to take the time to understand them. But that’s also the very reason as to why we shouldn’t take everything to heart. That’s why the expression “take everything with a pinch of salt” comes about and we should always take the good from things and leave the bad, give it a thought of course, but don’t mull over it because it’s not worth feeling horrible when it doesn’t affect anyone else but yourself.

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