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For this week’s Hi Society, SCAN sat down with the Production Manager for LA1:TV, Siri Hampapur, to tell us more about the society and what they have to offer.

What aims does LA1:TV have as a society?

We want to inform students about what is happening on campus but also provide some entertainment that has been created by students, for students.

How would you describe LA1:TV to a newcomer?

At LA1, we cover live events, offer Roses coverage, and give new members a chance to be a part of a show or to start their own. If you want to get involved in media and get experience in the media, this is the best society to do that. No experience is needed and we do a lot of training for our members. Some of the events that LA1:TV cover are really good for gaining experience, so getting involved with them is great. There are so many different things you can do in media. People think it is just using the camera or being on camera and it is so much more than that. You can get into editing, directing and designing the website as well.

What events are LA1:TV covering this year?

We’ve just had UniBrass, and we’ll be covering Roses in April. We also do SugarTV, which we do twice every term. We have a weekly news show that is called Good Morning Lancaster, which is my show that I am the Executive Producer of. And there are plenty of other shows our members have created themselves, which are also really good.

How often do you meet up as a society?

We try to have socials every other week – usually pub quiz or a more chilled out social. Last year I was social exec so I organized a Eurovision social, which was really fun. We also have a members meeting every Wednesday at 6pm.

How would someone get involved with LA1:TV?

They can get in touch via the Facebook page, or contact the station manager Benjamin Kay, the deputy station manager Joel Edwards, or me. Then you pay the student media membership, which is seven pounds. As a member, you can use all the equipment that we have, as well as being a part of any show you would like to help with. There are benefits to having the student media membership because it also includes being a part of SCAN and Bailrigg FM, and it gives us discounts for media events.

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