Review: The Sun Hotel & Bar


 The Sun may be tucked away in Lancaster town centre (and I do not mean in the celestial sense), but this is not one to miss out on. Serving lunch from 12 – 3pm, Monday – Saturday and dinner from 4 – 9pm, there’s something for everyone. Besides, it would seem, a break for the chefs.

 When you first walk into the bar you will notice a lively atmosphere, with people of all ages enjoying the vast range of beers, ales and ciders available. There is a choice between sitting in the more lively area or towards the back, where it is much quieter and allows for a chilled out dining scene perfect for an intimate dinner date or a relaxed meal with friends. There is also a small room to the back named ‘the well room’ which only allows for one or two groups in at a time. There is a well located in the floor of the room which has been covered by glass so that you can stand on top of it and look down. I’m not quite sure if this adds to the dining experience but does at least add a bit of intrigue.

 When ordering a meal, the best option is putting the order on a tab, making it easy to order for multiple people. No awkward attempts to pay for your date! You can have everything on one tab connected to your table, making it simple to order and pay.

 The menu consists of a vast range of options and provides multiple choices for vegetarians who often struggle to find a variety of vegetarian food. No nut roast or bland risotto here. The menu also boasts meals containing locally sourced produce allowing for high quality food that supports the local farming community. The Sun also have a weekly specials menu which allows for more variety if the standard menu options are not to taste. There are also cheaper options on the menu, such as soup, where one can eat a large portion and a good sized piece of bread for £4.50.

 Table service does not start until the evening, so I ordered at the bar. My drink, an amaretto and orange juice, came in at £5.45, a hefty price for a single drink. The friend ordered a half pint of Liefmans Fruit which ended up being 2.90, again a hefty price for half a pint even though this was a premium beer. The friend ordered the Lamb Cutlets (£13.00) whilst I ordered the Chicken Breast (£12.50). The prices may appear a little steep, but when the food arrived I understood why. This food was well presented, but was not art without substance. It tasted delightful. This is not the first time I have been to the Sun and I have to say it has never disappointed, always bringing out top quality food every time. I wouldn’t recommend going out to the Sun every week as the prices are reserved for that special occasion. Whether celebrating or out on a date, the Sun has the perfect atmosphere and quality food to match.

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