Pink To Make Your Lids Wink


Pink has sprung on us more than spring has so far in 2017, and is the defining colour of our new season palette in fashion and beauty! Aside from some of the beautiful pink spectrums we’ve seen spread across our high street collection, sweet pink makeup has been a huge beauty trend too. Now I’m not talking about the usual lip trends (pink is hardly ground breaking here), but rather the pink eye shadow look that’s taking the fashion world by storm! I’ve come up with a few ways to wear this look, bearing in mind that most of us won’t get a whole load of use out of a palette containing a rainbow of 20 pink flowery shades!


If you are looking to try out the pink look and enjoy the rose gold type eye look anyway, then this is the palette I would recommend buying.  Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio in Rose Vintage (£7.99 from Superdrug) is beautiful, and the three shades enable a day look, night look, or just general pink pop. The great thing about this palette is that it basically instructs you on how to wear it like a smoky eye. The palest shade can be washed over the lid and taken up under the eyebrow and into the inner corner. The medium can cover the middle of the lid, before being blending into the darkest shade at the outer corner. Either of these last two colours can be pushed up into the crease and taken under the eye. Rose shades make blue eyes pop in particular when worn this way, but brown eyes also look refreshed and pretty. The shades are shimmery and flattering, so if you’re not looking for the bright fuschia look, this is the one for you!


If you are looking for a real colour pop and a bit of impact, then do go for the bright fuschia! The best way to do this (instead of having a bright lid that’s maybe a little too 80s), is with a great sweep of pink liner. A super cheap pick-up for this look is the Barry M Kohl Pencil in Hot Pink, £2.99 at Superdrug. Affordable (just in case you don’t rock this look too often), and really easy to use, sweeping on a line of pink across the top lashline is a really simple way to go for the pink peeping look. You can either finish it off with a cat-eye flick, or leave it as a simple symmetrical line on the eye, with lashings of black mascara for some definition among the colour.


Something I have seen circulating in replications of the pink look is the idea of using products you already have to create eye shadow looks. This is a super cheap way to create something new! The main two ways to do this is to use either blusher or pink lipstick. Blush is a really easy way to create a low key pink wash across your eyes, and if you use the shade on your cheeks then it shouldn’t be too bright and scary, and compliment your skin tone as it does your cheeks. Lipstick might sound crazy, but it’s actually a sneak way to rock both the pink look and the glossy eyelid look of the moment, if you’re into that. Check out Sarah’s article for some further discussion of this look! Otherwise, run free with your pinkness!

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