Pet of the Week: Nala


When debating getting a dog lots of people consider a eight week old puppy that needs training, constant entertainment and a complete removal of any shoes from the hallway. However that need not be the case. Nala is my family’s two-year-old (or so we’ve guess) rescue dog. Nala is a mongrel and we adopted her when she was about twenty months from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home after her previous owners had had to give her up. Adopting a rescue dog at twenty months, rather than eight weeks has had great benefits for us!

Firstly because Nala was already twenty months old we were able to take her home the day we met her! Although this isn’t always the case and procedures have to be followed, because we’d already had experience with dogs we were able to adopt her straight away. This is completely different to viewing a four week old puppy and then having to wait another four weeks before you can take them home.

Secondly Nala was already trained. This was great as there was no need for us to house train her and meant she could be left at home, alone, longer than most puppies. This was great for our family as we cannot always be with her all day, everyday. Nala’s previous owners and Battersea had her all trained, to the extent that she even taps the door when she needs to go out.

Next Nala is still young. This means she still has the curiosity and susceptibility to be trained. Although she already had basic training we still have the chance to teach her tricks and certain behaviour. For example she is prone to running through gaps in fences, however with training (and lots of treats) she has been trained to come back… most the time.

Finally buying Nala meant that we were giving a home to a dog that needed one! This had always been an important aspect for my family when choosing a dog. Additionally whenever we have gone to places such as Battersea the staff have always been extremely helpful and informative to make sure that we match the dogs need. They have even sent emails since Nala left to check how she’s been doing!

This is not to say that some rescue dogs don’t come without their problems, some do, and at times Nala has been troublesome. However many rescue dogs are given up due to changes in circumstances and so are immediately ready to be given a new and loving home.

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