A Week of Lancaster-Proof Hairstyles


Perfect-for-every-weather hair isn’t easy to achieve when you live in the dreary northern town that is Lancaster… However, hopefully these tips, tricks and styles will help you out when it comes to your bed-head in the mornings.


Tip: Whack it in bun. Don’t hesitate, and don’t even think about washing it in the shower. The only way you’re going to solve this morning nightmare is by tying it up. Now that my hair is back to being longer, I chuck it up in a high bun – especially for the gym. You can style a high bun if you’re feeling a little more daring, with a French plait up the back.


If there’s a hairstyle that I love it’s a twist of some kind! An alternative to braids, if you’re not so good with plaits, a twist is simple and cute, and will carry you through from that day-time lecture to that night-time pre-drinks.


Although most people crave thick hair, as it often has connotations of being full and lustrous, I usually wish mine was just a little thinner so it didn’t take quite as long to one dry, and too curl. I absolutely adore wavy hair, and lust after anyone who has naturally wavy hair. But if like me you’re not a blessed curly goddess, thank the world for tongs and wands. What would we do without their wizardry?! Try a wave on a Wednesday; either full corkscrew curls or soft, beachy waves.


The half-up half-down is my everyday hairstyle, mainly as I cannot be bothered to blowdry my fringe in the morning. For this look, it’s important to make sure your bun isn’t too far forward, so you don’t look like your former 3 year old self… The male version of this is of course the man bun, some guys just pull this off effortlessly, but then it’s a total no-no for others. Try out your bun but if it’s not to your taste try another day’s style out.


And finally, Friday is braid day. Be a total hair boss, and get crazy with your braids. Fishtails, plaits, frenchies and dutches, try them all out! There’s usually 4 Friday’s in a month so get started now!


All these styles have been tried and tested for a week by moi, so do not fret about what the weather is like on each day of the week! Don’t be scared to be bold, go all out as your hair is usually the first thing anyway sees about you!

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