Post-Graduate Students Cycle to Support Child Education


Education is a critical part of children’s development and their ability to access a better future. However, 1.26 million Vietnamese children born between 1994-2004 either dropped out of school or never attended, and more than 16% of children aged 5 -14 in Vietnam have to work (UNICEF, 2014). With a deep passion for bringing better education for unprivileged children in Vietnam, a group of Vietnamese and international students of Lancaster University and Nottingham Trent University initiated the meaningful project: #Everymilemakeschange. The project is driven by their strong belief to inspire the young generation to love traveling and simultaneously bring meaningful values to society.

Kicking off the project by cycling through the UK historical route #Way of the Roses with a cycling-crew of 10 students from different countries including UK, France, Germany, Thailand, and Pakistan, these students aim to complete the 170mile-route (270km from Lancaster to York) and are raising funds for their trip. “Through cycling activities, we aim to inspire and raise the awareness of our community for the funding. We believe that every mile we cycle would help create changes for children’s lives in Vietnam.”

The project asks for support in improving the educational environment for Vietnamese children through donating to help fund the “Summer Voluntary Campaign 2017”, a project organized University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for more than 23 years that supports impoverished children in Mekong Delta region in Vietnam. The target is to raise £3,500 which will be used to build or refurbish classrooms, IT rooms, and also to provide scholarships for children.

The project is sponsored a bike by UCycle of the University of Nottingham, with Marketing and Communication support by Muhammad Mehroz Ashraf of Lancaster University. Other associating organisations include NTU Link Magazine and Vietnamese Student Association in Lancaster and Nottingham. An on-going support for the students in the organising committee is received from Lancaster University and the Student’s Union.

“Each and every donation, no matter how much it is, would be highly appreciated by the “Every Mile Makes Changes” project, and the children it supports.”

You can donate online at website: and follow the team at: for project updates.


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