York comeback to stage a win in Women’s volleyball


Women’s Volleyball was an energetic and passionate event, which enjoyed great crowd support and an incredible display of endurance from the players. The match was extremely fast paced, with a number of different languages shared among the players and referees, which made things even more of a challenge to follow! However, the superb abilities of both teams became clear from the first whistle. Lancaster were a slightly taller team, while York players executed some truly spectacular dives to the ground the save the ball before jumping straight back up to continue.

In volleyball, three sets must be won by a team to secure a victory, and after two back to back wins by Lancaster, it looked as if the game was in the bag. However, York refused to allow this. The third set, which Lancaster were hoping would finish the game, was taken by York at the very end. As the two teams raced to achieve 25 points, York managed to edge a win by getting there first. Then, the team went on to win the next set, which evened out the score with each team having won two out of the required three. In the event of a tie break like this, teams battle it out in a set where the winner is the first to reach 15 points. At this point, Lancaster began to tire, and York crept up with a demonstration of incredible stamina and passion among teammates. Ultimately, the white rose won the tie break as the York girls reached 15 points before Lancaster, making it a 3 – 2 win.

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