Women make it a Lancaster double at handball


With York etching out a narrow lead over Lancaster on the second day of the tournament, stakes were high for the women’s handball. Four of the coveted Roses points were up for grabs, and the Lancaster side knew they had to rise to the challenge if there was to be any hope of beating the white rose.

And rise to the challenge they did. After a gruelling game for York, Lancaster walked away with a crushing seven point lead, scoring nine goals compared to two for the home side. Despite the desperate entreaties of “defence!” rising from the ranks of the York supporters, time and time again the reds punched through to a conclusive triumph.

The undoubted stars of the show were Lancaster goalie, Siobhan Orange, who deflected shot after shot with every part of her body from her ankles to her shoulders, and Lancaster’s Goda Gavenyte, who scored an impressive seven of Lancaster’s nine goals. But as a whole the visiting Lancaster team worked together effectively, effortlessly switching from defensive to attacking roles, leaving York flat footed in their wake.

Despite a valiant attempt to regain control of the match following a halftime huddle, York were unable to overcome the significant gap Lancaster had opened up. A well deserved four points to Lancaster.

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