‘Sheer class’ from Lancaster 3rds in the netball


After a day of York victories in the College Netball fixtures, Lancaster University Netball Club came into their Sunday fixtures with a point to prove, which they executed perfectly throughout the 3rds match.

With the Lancaster Rugby Union lads taking up plenty of the stands and making hangovers worse by drinking at 10:30am, noisy and spirited support for both teams filled the Arena to the brim.

The first quarter saw end-to-end netball, however York making some key interceptions edged them to an early lead with the quarter ending 7-5 to them. Lancaster turned up in the second quarter, bringing goals galore, disrupting York’s early dominance and the control of the game. Fast paced, changing drama of the first half resulted in a 6 goal lead for Lancaster at the halfway point, with the score standing at 15-9, but it was still anyone’s game.

The third quarter saw what I believe was the best quarter of the game. The pace of the game had slowed, but both teams came out attacking and defending with the fire and vigour. Lancaster continued to build on the lead they had established in the second quarter, defensively strong and holding off York’s attack, with the quarter ending 19-13. The fourth quarter felt like we saw a brand new York team come into in the game, giving everything they had to try and reclaim the lead, but Lancaster stayed in control, slowing the game down to their speed and fighting off York’s feisty attack in the final quarter.

Absolutely cracking game played by two very strong teams, with the final score giving Lancaster a deserved win 22-17. Finally, we need to talk about the absolute fire that Sophie Tarif brought to the game as GA – never once cracking under the pressure with liquid shots throughout. Sheer class.

Lancaster Captain Emily McHugh said, “it was an amazing game. We have played well all season, finishing 3rd in the league, but this is the icing on the cake for us to be able to win Roses and I am so proud of them all.”

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