York decisively win mixed doubles badminton


Lancaster and York were halfway through the first round of mixed doubles badminton when the reporting began. York had won the first six matches, which make up the first of three rounds, leaving the score 3-0.

When the second round began, the three Lancaster doubles took an early lead in the first three matches. However, York won two of the three matches, with the third match going to Lancaster. This gave Lancaster their first win of the day. The second half of the round began much of the same way, with Lancaster taking an early lead in the three matches, though York went on to narrowly beat Lancaster in all the matches.

As one doubles team had a tie, a tie-breaker match was played between Lancaster and York. For the majority of this match, Lancaster trailed behind York, but they were unable to reach twenty-one points first. The loss of the tie-breaker gave York a substantial lead of 6-0. When asked how the game was going, York team member, Alexander Ingram, said, “Thus far it’s going well. We’re hoping for a 9-0, but it’s going quite well so far”.

As the last round began, the Lancaster team played hard to gain their initial lead. After only five minutes though, York started their steady climb and passed Lancaster’s scores, going on to win the first three games of the last round. Both team took a break before starting the last matches, using the time to go over last minute tips and confidence boosters.

Lancaster and York remained tied for until they were halfway done with the matches before York slowly began inching ahead. York continued ahead until the end, leaving the round 9-0, and gaining one point towards the overall score. When speaking with Laura Richards, a member of Lancaster’s team, she said, “One thing [the team did well today] is have good team spirit.”

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