York takes the points in women’s hockey indoor 2nds


An amazing game unfolded in the Women’s 2nd Indoor Hockey. The game was incredibly fast-paced and intense, with the crowd going wild throughout. Fans from both Lancaster and York were loud in their chanting for both teams. Lancaster started feeling the pressure about three quarters of the way through the game, taking their goalkeeper off the pitch in replace of another attacker. This move proved costly, as with a weak defence without the keeper, York’s goals really started to come through, leading to a stunning victory for York, who managed to score 4 goals in total.

SCAN spoke some of the victorious York players, with Sophie Raffan, one of the goalscorers, saying that “when they changed their keeper we knew we were going to a win”, Millie Dyer, a first time Roses player saying “I loved every minute and the atmosphere was great”, and Izzie Whitby adding that it was “an amazing atmosphere, I’ve never played such an intense game and we smashed it”.

At the end of the game, the York team celebrated, many jumping for joy with the 1st division of their team. Lancaster fans cheered for their team, who put up a good fight and worked well as a team.

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