Bombers come extremely close in American football


With a loss to York earlier in the season, the Lancaster Bombers were looking to come back with vengeance to hit York hard. Both teams began well, making some impressive tackles and throws down field, however,  York were the first to reap the benefits of the downfield throws with a touchdown in the first quarter, putting them into the lead at half-time. Following a regroup at the break, Quarterback Ben Ackroyd led the charge from the front by scoring the passing touchdown to Receiver Ben Hunter.

However, York proved too strong for the Bombers, succeeding Lancaster’s touchdown with one of their own and followed this with another two points, taking the score to 14-6. This didn’t deter the Bombers spirit, and with a strong crowd behind them, Lancaster fought to draw level. With a similar play to the last touchdown, York failed to defend Lancaster’s play allowing them to bring the score to 14-12 going into the 4th quarter.

With the score advantage, York set their sights on Lancaster’s touchdown zone, running the ball into it, once again following this with another two points. The Bombers were now 22-12 down, but showed no signs of giving up and were able to score another touchdown in York’s end zone. With victory in now their sights, the Bombers fought relentlessly to push their way towards the York score line, however with two of their strongest players leaving the field injured and time dwindling, this proved too much. An impressive and emotional game from both sides.

Final score: York Centurions 22 – Lancaster Bombers 20.

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