York continue men’s tennis streak

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York won 6-3 in the men’s firsts tennis to take the four points on day two of Roses 2017. This history books did not bode well for Lancaster going into this one, as they had lost the previous ten men’s firsts tennis tournaments at Roses.

Things got off to a good start for Lancaster as the pairing of Thomas Jensen and Dan Ghita took the first doubles victory of the day 6-4 6-1, with three breaks of serve in the second set as York struggled to leave with the superior power of their opponents. But York responded as the pairings of Wilkeley/Kelleher and Buchan/Faulkner took victories on the other two courts.

In the singles, Lancaster won two of the first three, including another win for Jensen, to temporarily draw level at 3-3. But the recovery was brief, as York quickly retook the lead through Thomas Buchan before Ben Faulkner wrapped up the points with a comfortable 6-1 6-2 win, giving York an unassailable 5-3 advantage. Simon Wilkeley also took victory to give a final score of 6-3, extending York’s winning streak to eleven years.

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