Lancaster’s narrow loss in Men’s Fencing


 The Lancaster men’s A-Team put up a defiant effort in face of York’s fencers but lost on all three rounds to York on Sunday morning. In the 1st round were players used the sabre York maintained a constant lead over Lancaster, winning 45-30. The 2nd round was a similar story, with Lancaster scoring 35 with the foil. The closest and most competitive round was the final round, with Lancaster’s fencers furiously trying to break an equalizer with the Epee. However, in spite of them vying to win the round Lancaster lost by one point, 44 to 45.

Image by Jay Theis

 Lancaster’s Fencing captain Jaime Bell-Bradford felt “it was a shame that some of our people were missing, but everyone really played their best”. It certainly wasn’t for want of trying that Lancaster men’s lost. Indeed the MVP of the match was a Lancaster’s Thomas Sanders. When asked about how he felt being the top scoring player he said he felt “pretty good” and that “it had been a good match, they’re a bunch of nice guys and we had fun. We tried our best but they beat us with their most important weapons.” Lancaster’s Leon Tsang wasn’t too surprised the men’s team had lost, given Lancaster had previously lost against York at BUCS. He felt that all the girls played well, in particular he praised the efforts of the team’s two exchange students Wylma Woo and Christine Freese.

 There was a jovial atmosphere in the main sports hall with vocal support from the players friends who turned out to watch the match, and the surprise unveiling of cupcakes made the spectator experience all the more enjoyable. Overall, it was a competitive and hard fought match and well well worth the watch.

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