Lancaster men’s 1sts bring home the points in indoor hockey


The indoor hockey began with an eventful start as York scored a great goal within the first two minutes. York then tried to increase their lead but a disallowed goal sent the Lancaster fans cheering. In the 11th minute, Lancaster’s constant pressure gave in and Lancaster scored two goals in quick succession, bringing the score to 2-1. This seemed to fire up the Lancaster players and it was only thanks to a number of great saves from the York keeper that the scoreline wasn’t any worse for York going into half-time.

The second half continued much the same as the first for Lancaster, with York hardly looking  like scoring throughout. A controversial decision from the referee kept the scoreline the same, as did a missed penalty. Lancaster were determined to not let their next attempt go without a goal, and they increased their lead with an emphatic shot. A York own goal extended the Lancaster lead further, to a point where there was no coming back for York. A goal two minutes before the whistle for York brought them some hope but it was too little too late and Lancaster returned home with the points.
Final Score: York 2 – Lancaster 4

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