Women’s basketball narrowly miss out in a fuelled encounter


Photo by Jay Theis

This game got off to a great start as the spectators were alive with one major thing in mind, that this game could be one to win the Roses for Lancaster.

The game instantly began moving at a high pace as the Lancaster girls established a good passing game keeping a the flow of the game consistent and beginning to create a threat at the other end of the court forcing York into an early defensive strategy.

This soon evened out however as the game noticeably became extremely even between the two sides, literal back and forth attacking from both teams with slightly disappointing outcomes left Lancaster’s dominant start drifting as both teams were failing to convert their chances effectively.

York were starting to gradually raise the tempo of their game as the second quarter began much how the first had ended, with York beginning now to apply more pressure on Lancaster and increase the score to 12-6 which gave the Lancaster women a bit of a task.

However with the crowd behind them the ladies did not once look like they were going to give up and developed a successful counter-attack strategy as York couldn’t seem to get a great deal ahead and the opportunity of a come-back was always possible, it was just down to Lancaster converting those vital points as there were many narrow misses.

Lancaster’s Visiliki Malou kept the ball moving well across the court from the defence to offence with quick and skilful dribbling as the York ladies couldn’t stop her breaking through each time.

Into the third quarter York still remained on the attack with Lancaster countering every time. The game stepped up a gear as there was no love lost between the women, things began getting slightly rougher on the court and far more penalties were being awarded on both sides, again however this was an area that needed to be converted to make up that crucial point difference but unfortunately weren’t always accurate.

Lancaster’s Thelma Gore definitely came into the game at a crucial time as she powered Lancaster’s attack on and scored two very quick goals, and then straight after assisted another to bring the score to a much closer margin.

The final quarter was incredibly exciting and Lancaster really began to close in on the game, although York stayed ahead all the time due to several accurate 3-pointer shots which were ultimately the deciding factor in the game. Lancaster’s Thelma Gore and Julie Beckstead began  to work really well together with the support of Visiliki Malou right behind them, although the match just still seemed incredibly even.

The game finished with York victorious 32-28, meaning that Lancaster’s Roses win would be confirmed elsewhere.

Captain Visiliki Malou gave a final comment to SCAN, saying that “the game didn’t start very well, concentration early on may have been an issue and we were unlucky on our offence but as a team we’ve had a good year, will some of the girls leaving it was a good send off.”


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