Lancaster on top in thrilling women’s pool contests


Lancaster took a deserved victory after a hotly contested match-up between the women’s pool teams of Lancaster and York.

First on table one was Bella (Lancaster) and Nisha (York). Hannah (Lancaster) and Kate (York) played on Table 2. These first two games were long and tense, with players spending long periods considering their next move. On Table 1, with just two balls left on the table, Lancaster were awarded a penalty 2 shots, giving a glimmer of hope for a last minute comeback, but potted the white on the first shot and gave the turn back to York, who took a victory. After the first pair of games, the score stood at 2-0 to York.

Next up on table 2, Marianne (Lancaster) took on Harriet (York) and on table 1 Georgia (Lancaster) was up against Carla (York). Both played well, and the games were closely fought – but Lancaster took an edge. Lancaster quickly took the point on Table 1, and after a slow game on Table 2 Lancaster took a win with a stunning pot from Marianne.

Next up on Table 1 was Georgia (Lancaster) and Ella (York). On Table 2 Amber (Lancaster) played Lauren (York). York took an incredible and unexpected win on Table 1, potting two remaining red balls and the black in a single turn and taking the point, giving York the edge on the leaderboard with a score of 3-2. On Table 2, Lancaster evened it out to 3-3 after a closely-fought match.

On Table 1 Aro (Lancaster) played Rebecca (York), and on Table 2 Sophie (Lancaster) took on Women’s Captain Amy (York). On Table 1, Lancaster made an impressive recovery and took a victory, taking the score to 4-3, putting the pressure on York. On Table 2, a very tightly fought game ends in a narrow Lancaster victory, putting the score at 5-3 and giving York no chance at recovery, thus securing the fixture.

In a final game on Table 1, Lancaster’s Jess narrowly missed out on a final victory after York recovered from a potted black ball in the first game to score a final point – narrowing the margin but not enough to take Lancaster’s crown with a final score of 5-4.

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