Lancaster romped by York Men’s Lacrosse


By the end the score looked more like a one sided rugby game. York fired 28 goals past Lancaster, almost a third of the total of goals the away team conceded in their league this year. It would be wrong to say that this meant the match was a foregone conclusion. York finished third from bottom in their league. they only conceded 44 though, a total Lancaster didn’t add to.

Lancaster managed to weather the first two quarters, conceding only a handful of goals. Had their defence been better it may have been a different story. As it was, the goals continued to fly in and York’s confidence grew and grew while Lancaster’s plummeted. By the end of the four quarters the score stood at a definitive 28-0.

The away side never had much reason to expect more from the game. They finished bottom of the BUCS Lacrosse Northern Conference Men’s League, winning only one game and conceding 108 goals. This defeat cost the Lancaster Roses Team four points.

Lancaster’s Women’s did beat their York counterparts, quite emphatically, but as it was merely a friendly match no points were awarded. As the Lancaster Women’s team do not compete in a league they were not eligible to take a competitive part in Roses. They may however help to lift the men in tomorrow’s Mixed match.

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