Womens Tennis 1sts


The women’s tennis proved to be extremely successful for Lancaster, particularly in the doubles matches that started the afternoon. Doubles match one was pushed to a tiebreak after a very close game with each team taking one set each. It was Lancaster who pushed their way through though to win the tiebreak 10:7, but it’s safe to say this was a tense match where both pairs performed at the top of their game. Match two was equally exciting and was by no means comfortable for either team. York dominated the play initially but Lancaster courageously came back in the first set to win 7:5 and they held onto their form to take the second set much more comfortably, leaving York in a lot of danger. Match three brought yet another win for Lancaster as they win 9:5 in the tiebreak to leave the reds very confident moving into the singles matches where they only needed two victories to take the points.

Singles tennis is always a true test of strength and composure and both sides did extremely well under pressure. An early scare for Lancaster occurred when York took singles match two extremely comfortably. Beth Dudd slaughtered Sophie Dolgova 2:0 leaving Lancaster fully aware of York’s fierce comeback ability. The red girls held it together though with Gillian Cant winning her match against Sarah White 2:0 and Krista Ozalina winning over Kathy Thanner. After some brilliant intensity from the singles matches, Lancaster could breath a sigh of relief as they took the two points for their side. York put up a strong fight though making Lancaster shaky on several occasions. Some very entertaining and thrilling tennis on display this afternoon; congratulations to the red roses.

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