Lancaster step it up in the Open Darts


The historic Roses Darts kicked off on Saturday morning to an excellent display of enthusiasm and support from both sides. Teams were mixed and evenly matched, with Lancaster captained by Nick ‘The Bridesmaid’ Dearman and York by Thomas ‘Macca’ McConnell.

Scores remained fairly even for a good part of the event, although nerves saw a number of darts dropped by members of both teams. However, Dearman and Lancaster’s surprising star, Adam Butler, both celebrated strong wins on each of their sets. Dearman inspired confidence in his whole team, despite strength from the opposition. This being said, York’s star player was their deserving captain McConnell, who pulled his team far ahead until the final leg of the game where Lancaster was able to make up for previous mistakes. McConnell played consistently compared with his opponent, demonstrated excellent skill and technique which undoubtedly earned him captaincy.

However, the last leg was won by young darts prodigy, Tom ‘Schoolman’ Davison, for Lancaster. Davison was able to keep completely calm while throwing some seriously impressive scores of 120 and upwards. This led to Davison’s winning of his leg, taking Lancaster to an overall victory in the Open 2nds. This secured Lancaster two points towards the grand total, with a 5 – 4 win over York.

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