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In September 2016, ASOS launched Looped deeming it: “your new sneakers and style destination, dedicated to bringing you the latest drops and ways to wear them, plus outfit inspiration from the globe’s biggest sneakerheads.” They also claim that: “if, like us, your style starts from the sneakers up, then you’re in the right place”.

So with this issue being Roses and sports-themed, I thought I would deconstruct Looped and see what they pull together for the best of sportswear. The sneaker brands that Looped collaborate with are as follows: Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Asics, Reebok, New Balance, Puma, le coq sportif, and Saucony.

Looped have brought together the best crop-tops from the above brands and I am already in love with a particular long-sleeved one from Nike; it has blocks of colour on the front, and is white elsewhere. Similarly, Puma’s velvet wrap crop looks luxurious, and could easily be paired with a mini skirt or even a midi skirt, or culottes, for a sophisticated night-out look.

Their main story, however, focuses on Vans Old Skool Platforms which have been revamped, adding a second layer to their waffle-soled kicks. Thanks to Rihanna, the creeper-style sole is a big thing, and she sure made it fashionable! The soles are a nod in the direction to fashion, and they can be styled with a variety of pieces to vamp up the look, so you’re more stylish than Sk8er Boi.

So my tips for what to rock your double-soled Vans with are…

  1. A funky coloured anorak. Perfect for the on-off Lancaster weather, a mac with a splash of colour will keep you looking stylish. Just avoid anything too ditsy or floral, we don’t want you looking like children walking round campus courtesy of SCAN!
  2. Hoodies. Looped feature a photo of a white hoodie layered with a Cali green, black and pink palm shirt, and it looks fabulously fresh. How about you try out this style, or I will, and I’ll post my look on Instagram @scanfash if it works out!
  3. Denim. Weather they are cropped jeans, a denim pinafore, or a utility-esque jacket, styling your kicks (whether Vans or not) is a fab way to look relaxed, and work the sportswear trend in a fashionable way.


For more tips, check out our Twitter @scanfashion where we’ll be sharing loads more!

For now, get yourself a new pair of kicks, and rock them however you like! Share your looks with us, using the hashtag #scanstyle

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