PUMA by Rihanna: Fenty Collection


Regal would be one way to describe Rihanna’s SS17 Fenty Collection for Puma. Inspired by Marie Antoinette and the royal Palace of Versailles, the collection is a fresh take on sporty activewear, with a mix of street vibes and 18th century French culture.

Her exposure to French architecture at the ages of 16 and 17, as she said to Vogue: “the fountains in the middle of roundabouts, the streets, the lampposts”, has never left her. Hence their influences in her SS17 collaboration with Puma.

Baby pink was a constant pop of colour, and when toughened up with khaki, had a sexy military girl feel. White, taupe and milk chocolate kept the sporty looks soft and elegant, without detracting from the pieces being athleisure in style. While lilac and pea green added interest to a spring collection.

The world famous popstar-cum-designer has hit the nail on the head with her creations, and shows both a real passion and talent for designing. Her Fenty collection as a whole showcases designs that are very much hers, never-seen-before pieces with a typical touch of Rihanna sexiness. It had glamour and sex appeal, something that sportswear collections previous to Fenty’s have never really attempted to pull off.

Her men’s apparel is very much Rihanna, and she flirts with cool streetwear and feminine colours to create a series of confident, striking pieces.

But then, this time round, for her third collection, Rihanna vamped up her designs taking us back to school Puma style. Her DGAF attitude was plain in sight and the likes of jocks, goths and Catholic school girls graced the catwalk.

The looks comprised cropped black sweatshirts emblazoned with the Puma panther; all plaid everything; puffa jackets; cutesy dresses over oversized hoodies; and rebelliously short hemlines.

The mustard brown jumpsuit has that relaxed vibe that everyone tries to pull off, while still looking effortless. I also wish I owned te black and yellow Fenty sloganed sweat, worn asymmetrically over the model’s petite frame. Rihanna’s colour palette of her third collection is much more daring and precocious, making for a really vibrant and overall memorable collection.

It doesn’t always work out quite so well when a popstar attempts to become a recognised designer, however Rihanna has exercised her power and popularity in her field to excel herself in the direction of fashion; full steam ahead.

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