Week in the Life: Finance and Economics


I am Anushka Agarwal, a first-year undergraduate student taking Finance and Economics (Industry). I live in Lonsdale College, on South Campus, and the tragedy is that all my 9am lectures are in Faraday every morning, which is on North Campus.

Monday, 20 November

Last night I watched Tumhari Sulu and stayed up until 3am gossiping with my best friend about our respective trips to York and Leeds on the weekend. In the morning, my friend, being a fitness freak, got up at 6.15am and went all the way from Lonsdale to the Sports Centre, despite the mizzle outside.

Monday gets on everyone’s nerves. So, I hastily ran to attend my 9am Maths lecture, and learnt that my lecturer was teaching differential calculus, hence I got quickly bored, Maths being a dull subject. Like every day, I went to Costa to get my daily dosage of hot chocolate and a scrumptious dessert which includes either the classic chocolate muffin or the tropical blueberry muffin. And the day continued with more lectures, and breaks in between where all I could do was videocall friends and family back in India because I had crossed out the possibility of going to Lonsdale and returning to Faraday within the span of an hour.

After finally finishing with lectures for the day, I went to Go Burrito and the library to complete my Business Environment Group Project. Well, I then had the Exec meeting for the Culture Society, which left me completely exhausted at the end of the day. By the time I reached home, it was already 8.30pm. Soon after, I continued reading Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella and fell asleep by the starry night.

Tuesday, 21 November

Tuesday mornings are generally lazy, as I don’t have any morning lectures – thankfully. So, my day began with me cooking Indian food in the kitchen, which included Daliya for breakfast, then rice, dal and the special Aloo Matar Gobhi for dinner. After this immense cooking session, which took around an hour and a half, I went to get my laundry going. A friend of mine overloaded the washing machine, which led to the room becoming flooded with water. We laughed around, and I made a hilarious Snap story of it.

I had to rush to Bowland after an Econ lecture (which included studying the nature of Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition) for a session on the Rep Development Scheme, which was mandatory to attend since I am an Economics Rep. The session, which lasted for about 40 minutes, was quite monotonous. I then returned to another lecture, where I did nothing but chat on WhatsApp. Afterwards, it started raining so I had to go back to Lonsdale.

I relaxed when I returned and slept for a while after eating dinner. I cooked again for the next day, for two reasons: firstly, I wouldn’t have the time to cook in the morning because of a 9am lecture; and, secondly, I was tired of eating food outside, especially considering there is much less variety for vegetarians than there is for non-vegetarians. I whiled away my remaining time on social media and indulged in my novel again, as the rain started pouring outside my window.

Wednesday, 22 November

I fell asleep late again last night, at around 1.30am, which left my head blasting throughout the morning’s Accounting workshop. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. As icing on the cake, it was raining cats and dogs. It was only after I hurried to Costa to get hot chocolate and my chocolate muffin that I finally gained some vigour. My friend and I started chatting while we were sitting there for two hours in-between the lecture break. Since I was down with a cold, I bought medicine from the campus pharmacy.

After finishing my last lecture of the day, I reached home at 1pm, which gave me a feeling of triumph: as if I had achieved the Nobel Prize! I then had lunch and relaxed for a bit. Discovering that my parcel from India had arrived, which contained homemade food from my mum, I rushed to get it with my friend. The two of us started talking about our different opinions on university life, then I prepared for my tutorials and cooked for the next day. After a chilled dinner, I managed to doze off.

Thursday, 23 November

Okay. Even though it rained terribly, and Lancaster was flooded and there were power cuts in the town, the University didn’t shut down. We still had our classes! So, I got up in the morning for a 9am tutorial, only to find out that it had been cancelled due to the bad weather. This meant I could have slept for another hour.

After going for another tutorial in the same session, I of course grabbed a hot chocolate from Costa then carried on to Bowland for a Rep Development Scheme Session. Hungry, I then went to grab a burger at Wibbly Wobbly with my friend and came back to Faraday for a two-hour Maths lecture, which was pretty annoying in addition to the rain outside.

I was totally drenched on the way back home, had my lunch, and then two of my friends came over. We spent some quality time together – I mean to imply that we spent time together without using our gadgets, hence I stress “quality”. Then we went to Barkers for dinner where some of our other friends joined us. We had a gala time. I came back and literally copied my entire tutorial for the next day from my friend’s notes because I hadn’t paid attention throughout both lectures. Then we watched a movie, yet again, and went on talking without realising it was already dawn…

Friday, 24 November

Yayieee, the weekend’s here! With red, puffy eyes, I went to my 9am tutorial and then to Costa to grab a quick bite. Then I had to go back to Lonsdale before heading to LUSU as I had forgotten my documents for my DBS check (my bad!). I passed the lazy afternoon by eating spring rolls from Wok Inn.

Saturday, 25 November

I woke up at 11am: my friend had a high fever, so my sleep had also been disturbed. My friend’s parents came all the way from Oxford, so he went with them to the town for a day. Not knowing what to do, I started cooking. By the time I was done cooking, it was already lunch time. Then, I started studying for my Week 9 Accounting test. I was so bored the entire day because all my other friends were busy sleeping after partying until wee hours of the morning. So, I literally had nothing to do. Plus, it was raining terribly outside. I had dinner, watched a movie until 1am, and slept soundly.

Sunday, 26 November

Sundays are pretty much meant to be Fun-days. Although I managed to wake up at 9am, I didn’t get out of bed until 11am as I was busy talking to friends and family back in India. I was hyper-excited because my friend was getting me Poori bhaji (an Indian dish), that his mom had made: brunch goals. But he was to be late, so I cooked for the day, had breakfast, and studied Accounting.

My friend arrived in the lazy afternoon, so we chatted and ate food. After more studying, I penned down the final part of this article and started reading another novel by actress-cum-columnist, Twinkle Khanna, called The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, which is full of wit and humour. Gazing out of my window at the beautiful crescent moon, I then went to sleep.

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