Hazel Richardson is running for VP Welfare and Community.

As the current LGBTQ+ Officer, Hazel is involved in the Students’ Union and works closely with the current Full-Time Officers which has inspired Hazel to run for the role, they say: “this is what I want to do”.

As part of the School Council and as Head Girl at their school, Hazel has experience of listening to the student body and trying to put their ideas in place. As Part-Time Officer, they also have a similar role and pushes forward campaigns that are important to students.

Hazel’s unique selling point is their current experience with the Union as well as their participation in liberation groups.

If elected, their four priorities are welfare, sustainability, community and student voice. In terms of welfare, Hazel told SCAN that the welfare systems at Lancaster University can be confusing. They aims to create a streamlined system of welfare, as they say there is a lot of support for students, but many students struggle to know where to go. Their second priority is sustainability and Hazel wants to ensure that the new Health Innovation Campus is an environmentally sustainable project. Thirdly, Hazel wants to continue the We Are Lancaster project and continue communicating with the wider community as well as local universities to ensure Lancaster has a well-developed public presence. And finally, Hazel wants to ensure all voices are heard, even if they are not represented by the Officers in the Student’s Union.

With career interests in NGO work, charities and non-for profit organizations, Hazel believes the role of VP Welfare and Community is a fantastic stepping stone for their career. However, they also want to make “big differences” to the student body in her term if they were elected.

Hazel believes the current system, where Part-Time Officers work with liberation groups are “very effective” when Part-Time Officers are there to represent a particular group. However, Hazel expresses concern if no one runs for a role, that there is no representation for that group.

Hazel also says that the current way the university educates students on consent “is not necessarily as instructive as it could be”. They says that everyone comes from different educational backgrounds and have been taught about consent in different ways or not at all. The candidate feels “there could definitely be more… to make sure everyone is on a level playing field”. Hazel is also concerned about the current spine works and says, “disabled access has been shocking at times”, where students have struggled to make their way around university.

Hazel’s manifesto is heavily weighted with student opinion. Before campaigning, Hazel informally spoke to other students at university about their struggles with the Welfare system and she aims to reduce these problems if they were elected.

They also want to increase support for international students at the start of their university life and desires to have an information leaflets or welfare booklet in fresher’s packs, so that students know where to go.

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