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Lancaster 220 – 160 York

The first half hour of trampolining was quite confusing for spectators, as the two teams were warming up and giving the audience a glimpse of their ability. Judging eventually began and Lancaster immediately impressed the judges with backflips and were jumping a lot higher than the York team. However, I couldn’t help but feel that Lancaster were using up all their energy too quickly and that this would have a knock-on effect later on in the competition. At first, this was an exhilarating event to watch and the skill of both teams was incredibly impressive, but later on the competition (particularly the judging aspect of it) became more of a formality, rather than something entertaining for the audience. The highest score of 86 from the judges was awarded to a York contestant but Lancaster were more consistent in their ability. The judging criteria was somewhat confusing for the spectators as well, because some contestants who did breathtaking pirouettes in the air were awarded scores of 68, whereas other less impressive performances were awarded high scores of 75 and above. Overall, Lancaster beat York with a 60 point lead, 220 to 160.

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