Ultimate Frisbee-Indoor Men and Women’s

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Men’s : Lancaster 6 – 5 York

Women’s: Lancaster 5 – 4 York

Ultimate Frisbee was without a doubt the highlight of my Friday night. The games went on till 9:40PM, and although I didn’t stay that long, I definitely could have with the amount of action happening! The game was described to me as ‘a mix between netball and American Football’, which was pretty accurate. The only difference was the use of a frisbee rather than a ball. The players were extremely energetic, and often leapt to catch the frisbee in a very graceful manner. One player jumped, then fell flat on his face and skidded right towards me. Lucky thing they had paramedics at the sidelines! The matches were first to 5 points, so didn’t last too long. All Lancaster players were feisty, determined and not afraid to go to the lengths that were required to score. A particularly standout player for me was a girl who’s knee support fell off halfway through the match, but she carried on as strong as before. All in all, a very enjoyable spectator sport, and a non stop thrill!

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