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Men’s Team: Lancaster 4 – 0 York

Women’s Team: Lancaster 0 – 1 York

Men, Individual: Lancaster 1 – 0 York

Women, Individual: Lancaster 0 – 1 York

The competition started early on the last day of Roses, and the climbers had a long day ahead of them. Gathering at 9:30 am in the climbing wall, both the Lancaster and York teams faced 20 challenges of various routes on the bouldering wall, with their difficulty level increasing with the route’s number. With the wall using new holds, meaning they’d never before been climbed, the competition was fierce.


Each climber attempted every route, gaining the most points if they completed the route the first time around and after 3 long hours of climbing, a tired group took a well deserved 2 hour break while the scores were collected to determine who was through to the individual finals. Returning as rested and refuelled as possible, the competition heated up as climbers now blindly faced new challenges with a 5 minute time window and 4 attempts to complete them. The two individuals with the highest scores at the end would take the individual titles.


One of the best things about this competition was the general civility and welcoming air both teams had towards each other. They helped each other out on the team trials, and more than anything else they were having a great time. They exhibited great sportsmanship in the true Roses spirit.


Overall, the York won the Women’s Team and the Women’s Individual, while Lancaster claimed Men’s Team and Men’s Individual. A draw of sorts, and well deserved by both teams. But easily one of the most dynamic and engaging sports of the weekend.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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