Ultimate Frisbee: Indoor Beginners and Mixed


Ultimate Frisbee is a somewhat lesser known sport in the Roses competition, but it is by no means any less exciting to watch or energetic to play. Friday night saw the indoor games for the Men’s Team, Women’s Team, Mixed Team, and Beginners Team, and each match was faster and more action-packed than the last.


Ultimate Frisbee takes the once quaint park game and turns it into an aggressively fast-paced, fiercely competitive sporting competition. To score, each team only had to catch the frisbee in their end zone, but this was easier said than done as each player just had a 10-second window to pass the frisbee once caught and one step off their landing foot to determine their direction. This kept the matches fast-paced, and in particular, the Mixed Team saw a great blending of skills and abilities of the assorted players making it gripping and exhilarating.


Lancaster won every indoor match, with the final scores coming to: Indoor Men’s 6-5; Indoor Women’s 5-4; Indoor Beginner’s 5-2; Indoor Mixed 6-5. With such exciting matches and entertaining competition, let’s hope more people enjoy and participate in this sport in future. It may be unusual by conventional sporting standards, but its self-governed, professional nature will soon see it progress in the sporting world.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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