Netball: Women’s 2nds and 3rds


Women’s 3rds: Lancaster 29 – 15 York

Women’s 2nds: Lancaster 52- 27 York

The last day of Roses saw the final two netball matches of this year’s competition. With Lancaster already having enough points at this stage to win Roses overall, these matches were fuelled by a sheer force of competition and pride in the sport, a sentiment that was evident in the results for both events.


The Women’s 3rds kicked off first, with Lancaster taking a quick lead in the first quarter of 13-5, but York’s team remained quick and fast moving making it close to call in the early stages of the game. By halftime, it was clear that the teams were well matched, making scoring somewhat slower than usual but allowing Lancaster to increase their lead. As the match progressed, both sides were responding quickly, just as one team scored the other countered. But with Lancaster already holding a substantial lead, the game closed at 28-15, leaving York once again defeated.


After such an exciting match, the Women’s 2nds were bound to be a thrilling game. Both teams scored quickly and kept the playing field even. But it was clear by the end of the first quarter than Lancaster were pushing ahead, with the score leaving Lancaster with over double York’s points at 13-6. While this victory seemed somewhat secure in these early stages of the game, York stepped up their defence to take back control of the ball in the last 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter, meaning they started to close the gap between the two teams. But after a quick break, and a regroup, Lancaster came back strong, making some exceptional shots and gaining 3 points in the first 2 minutes of the second half. The score ended at a staggering 52-27 to Lancaster, with nearly double York’s score to secure a solid victory for the home team.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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