Men’s Swimming

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In the swimming it was clear that Lancaster had the advantage of being at home, competing in a familiar pool with a home crowd to cheer them on. The viewing gallery of the pool was packed, and it was standing room only, with the room becoming so hot that spectators had to go outside to get some air. The heat did not seem to affect the swimmers though, as Lancaster’s performance could not have been much better, with a final score of 87 to York’s 43.

This event took place at the same time as the Women’s swimming, with the two events alternating races. Lancaster had a strong showing across all the different races and strokes, often being in both first and second place within individual races. Although we still won the men’s swimming at Roses in York last year, our points difference increased from +12 last year to +45 this year, which not only suggests performing at home helped the Lancaster swimmers, but is also a testament to all the hard work they have been putting in to their training for Roses this year.

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