What’s in my Wardrobe: Emily Ayre


What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourite item at the moment would have to be my midi-shift, shirt dress from H&M. I love it so much! The garment can be carried from day to night quite easily, feeling comfy as well as looking classy. At the moment I’ve been pairing it with my Birkenstocks and a bold red lip, but I’m fairly certain it would look super cute with a pair of white converse or mules.

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

The oldest item is definitely my leather jacket. I bagged it from a charity shop for a mere £7 around five years ago. The staple has reintroduced itself into my wardrobe year upon year, matching look after look.

What would you say is your most worn item?

A bit of a cheat answer this one really, but my most worn item(s) is probably denim; I wear it almost 24/7 in all kinds of forms! I see it essential for everybody to own a pair of black straight/skinny fit jeans as a MUST, especially when building a capsule wardrobe. However, my favourite fit has to be the mom jean. I found the perfect pair from Lancaster’s ‘Out of the Past’ vintage store. You can’t go wrong with a mid-wash denim jacket either, or experimenting with coloured denim for that matter!

What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

My biggest fashion mistake(s) would have to have occurred between the ages of 14-16. Fully embracing the early-mid 2000’s ‘scene kid’ culture, I triumphed with backcombed, over-bleached hair, matched with graphic T’s, shorts with tights (in winter, of course), as well as LOW-waisted, primary-coloured jeans. Awful. I’m glad low-waisted trousers are a thing of the past, or so I hope.

What will you be buying next to add to your wardrobe?

Something I feel like I’m missing from my wardrobe is a crisp, white blouse/shirt that is completely versatile and of really good quality. An item like this can come across as effortlessly smart, having the potential to be dressed up and down accordingly.


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