College Football (B Winners) Match Report Roses 2019

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On Friday 3rd May Lancaster and York’s Colleges B’s team battled it out on the 22-acre football pitch. The game was interesting before it even began, with the referee not turning up the game was delayed by 11 minutes before a bystander stepped in. This gave both teams a disadvantage as the substitute referee wasn’t fully aware of the rules, so it seemed.

The first half of the game was rather slow with foul play on both sides. There was an injury which involved a three-way tickle, two of the players were from Lancaster. However, the player was quickly back on his feet and the game continued. Not long after York were given a free kick after a player was knocked down in a tackle. This scene of events repeated itself with Lancaster gaining a free kick for the same reason a few minutes later. At this point no goals had been scored and the players seemed to be getting frustrated. The rough tackles continued to half time with score remaining at 0-0. All players seemed worn out, annoyed and fed up by this point. The game was rather messy due to a non-trained referee being in control of the game.

After a five-minute break the teams got back onto the pitch with their game faces on. The first 20 minutes were played similarly to the first half. However, the rest of the match changed dynamics when the trained referee arrived. This gave both sides a much more friendly match as the rules were being stuck to and the referee was keeping up and being fair to both sides. With some subs for both teams the game continued with some great skills from either side. With five minutes left to go Lancaster were able to grab a goal thanks to number 12. The celebration of the Lancaster team and fans were ecstatic. The last few minutes of the game were played with both teams looking worn out, however Lancaster had high spirits. As the referee blew his whistle for full time a huge cheer from Lancaster was heard with them winning the match 1-0.

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