Fencing Men’s 1st Match Report Roses 2019

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Lancaster 118 – 123 York

Lancaster faced York on Saturday afternoon in the men’s 1sts fencing competition. The weapon order this year was sabre, epee, followed by foil. Lancaster performed the worst in the sabre round, where you can score a point as long as any part of your blade touches the top half of your opponent’s body, with York winning by 15 points, ending in a score of 45-30 to York.

Similarly, York saw victory in the epee round, but by a smaller margin of 2 points, ending with a score of 45-43 to York. It appeared as though York put all their energy into the first game and were now beginning to tire.

Lancaster took it back in the final round with the foil weapon, winning by an impressive 12 points, ending with a score of 45-33. Alas, it was not enough to obtain a Lancaster victory but an impressive ending to the game, nonetheless.

Foil has remained Lancaster fencing team’s strongest weapon this year. It was an intense match with impressive performances on both sides, particularly from Luke Rees. A great showing from both sides but alas Roses were white this time around.

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