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Let’s be honest. Nobody has a clue what day, date, time, or year it is around the holidays. The awkward lull between Christmas day and New Years sends a lot of us into hibernation. We get lazy, we sleep whatever time we like, and we eat whatever we can find around the house. If, like myself, you’re still hibernating dangerously close to the first day of term, have a read of my top tips below to get yourself back to normal and ready to tackle another few months of lectures.

Tip no.1: Get a regular sleeping pattern back!

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I can’t stress this enough. Starting off a new term is hard. There’s a whole load of weeks left and a bucketful of work you’ll need to do through this time. So it’s understandably daunting at the start, but it’ll be a lot less overwhelming if you’re well-rested. Set yourself alarms around the time you’ll need them for your lectures, and while you’ll be tired now if you keep yourself awake throughout the day, you should be able to drop off earlier. Hey, presto! A regular sleeping pattern! If this old trick isn’t enough, then try adding a few easy comforts to your nighttime routine. There’s an entire genre of products dedicated to helping you sleep better at night. Tea’s, candles, bath bombs, you name it- you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Tip no.2: Eat well

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No, I’m not telling you to jump on the new year, new me bandwagon. New year diets are all well and good, and if you’re on one, well done you’re doing better than me! But what I’m referring to is just eating the right kinds of food to fuel you and your brain. Little things like not having a galaxy bar for breakfast, eating a full meal at dinner time instead of snacking throughout the day etc. will help your body run as well as it can, giving you that much-needed oomph to rejoin the rest of society and finish hibernation until next year!

Tip no. 3: Don’t leave your work until the night before!

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While this serves as a commonly ignored general piece of advice, it helps in more ways you can imagine if you want to feel normal again! It gets you thinking about the right kind of stuff, rather than what’s on TV or what leftovers can you have next. Being in the right mindset is important. My two earlier tips look after your body, but we can’t forget the mind! Starting your work early too will prevent you from working tireless hours in the library, which isn’t most peoples norm either.

Hopefully, these tips lend a helping hand when trying to re-adjust to the woes of being a student! Good luck!

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